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Curling Scores Database

An online curling scores database that has been in use by Boreland Curling Club since 2009

Its purpose is to help the smooth running of club competitions and update the League Tables as quickly as possible.

Downloading calendar to your mobile devices and desktop helps track users matches.

In brief summary:

1. Configure Ice Rink Locations and Times, Type of competition, Define skips and rinks for each match, internal club match or external match.

2. Produce a events list for the season.

3. Skips and administrators can add scores (saves match secretary time :o) ). Scores added automatically update League Tables

4. Members get emails 7 days and 1 day prior informing of the upcoming match

5. Download of own matches to calander to install onto phone or desktop.

6. Members can login and see their Upcoming Matches and also the clubs next matches. Members can also amend players so substitutes are easily identidied.

7. Targetted for users own curling club.

8. Potential Membership database integration

Sample league tables are shown here : -- https://easydb.uk/curling/index.php?action=league&club=3&sec=1978

I will be doing a modification shortly to show our list of events (currently they are private and members must login to see) as some people want to see without having to login.

The following image shows the selection "Show My Next Games" as opposed to show all games for the curling season:

You will notice the "Export Calendar" link which allows this user to download and save these match details to their mobile device or desktop. The export download will import to an iphone in this format:

The actual match link is also a hyperlink to allow the user to enter the match result, update player details and add a small match report.

From this image, the selections Date, Location, Time, Competition, Players, Scores, Ends, Message and substitute information can easily be amended.

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