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A new way to manage users, documents and personal information. Suitable for all types of clubs and organisations.

Throw away your spreadsheets !

Dunfermline Athletic Youth Academy have ditched their spreadsheet, and have all their management and teams integrated into the system. All levels of management can access the data for their role in the organisation.

CraftSkills.Scot is a specialist training provider in the food and drink industry and for three years they have been running their e-portfolio student tracking system where qualification and training material are available online.

-- Add and Amend Players
-- Save Group or Individual documents
-- Save private notes for a user
-- Add Events for each group and manage users attending events
-- Special functionality available for each club or organisation

DAFC Youth Academy Portal

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This web site is our portal to a variety of web web applications. You will need to contact us to register for each of these applications, we do recieve a lot of hackers trying to break in unfortunately.

We are using this section to showcase some of the websites we have developed. The majority are heavily online database systems with online security built in.

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