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Eazy site was started as an idea in 2003 and used to manage a small number of websites at that time. In 2014 it was completely revamped to provide a content management system for Dunfermline Athletic.

Since then ti has been rolled out to almost 70 websites.

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club online membership database been online since 2008 with around 600 clubs and 11,000 members. RCCC Admin, Club administrators and members manage the online database on a daily basis.

The Dunfermline Atheletic website has over 8,400 stories, over 100,000 images, updated on a daily basis and has had over 288 million advert views over 5 years.

In October 2018 we released a new admin back-end for the Q Guild of Butchers using our eazy-site technology, this allowed much more effective management of information publicised on the website.

In 2020 the Q Guild used our easyDB system to collate entries and perform online judging.

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This web site is our portal to a variety of web web applications. You will need to contact us to register for each of these applications, we do recieve a lot of hackers trying to break in unfortunately.

We are using this section to showcase some of the websites we have developed. The majority are heavily online database systems with online security built in.

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